Switchvox Mobile App

Switchvox Softphone App as featured in the Google Play store, as well as on the iPhone.

Digium, Inc. is a business communications company known for Asterisk, a telephony platform used in over one million communications systems in more than 170 countries. Switchvox Softphone (previously Switchvox Mobile) is an application designed to be compatible with Digium’s PBX phone system. Using their own smartphones, users can handle individual calls and manage visual voicemail when they are away from their desk phone.

Comparing the older version and the current version of the mobile app.

The goal of this project was to redesign the UI layout to match current mobile design styles. The previous versions of Switchvox Mobile were hugely outdated, having been optimized for iOS 3.1.3 and Android 2.1. Our team’s task was to update the design to the current iPhone and Android styles, as well as accommodate for new features. For example, the older Android version of Switchvox did not feature tab navigation. Our team developed the new Android app’s user experience to construct a layout that enhances the ease of navigating through the app.

Design process from sketches to final draft.

Comparing the grid systems of both versions.

One major blemish in the earlier versions is that they were not constructed with consistent gridlines. We implemented a grid of 8 pixels for a more streamlined design, adding to the appeal of the application.

Low-poly design pattern for launch screen.

Overall, this is a major enhancement to Switchvox Mobile’s visual interface. Navigation runs more smoothly, and the interface aesthetically complements the current iOS and Android design styles. The mobile application is now easier to use and more accessible for the user.